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+Living in Los Angeles , California, USA.

This will be my fangirling sanctuary of Johnny's, AKB48 and J-pop since in person, I am a closet fangirl :T

Johnny's fandoms are mostly Juniors and Tackey&Tsubasa, but I like other debuted groups as well.
Specific people I flail over:
-Kouchi Yugo
-Kyomoto Taiga
-Fujima Takahiko
-Konno Takayuki
-Kishi Takayoshi
-Otsuka Yuya
-Hagiya Keigo
-Watanabe Haruki
-Nozawa Yuki
-Watanabe Shota
-Sakuma Daisuke
-Takahashi Ryu
-Tatsumi Yudai

This journal is all public because I don't have that many secret things to talk about, this is a happy place and I don't want to bring awkwardness xD Please feel free to add! I always add back and try to talk as much as I can~ (apologies in advance for I will be lazy alot..)
red vs.blue


For my reference. Like you'll ever read this, Ryutaro.
You really are my favorite. I don't even call myself a Hey!Say!Jump fan but a Morimoto Ryutaro fan. I could care less about the others if you were present.

You always striked me as a mature, cool type of kid. Because you're the oldest of your siblings you have a different viewpoint than the other members. Being in Jump is your chance to be the younger sibling for once. With the lovingness of older brothers also comes with teasing and bickering. 

I remember you said once "Takaki-kun would yell at me 'do it properly' and I felt bad. I kept telling my mom I wanted to quit Jump" My first thought, "Takaki stop being a freaking dickface." Second thought, be better than them Ryutaro. Surpass them and make them eat their own words.

It's plainly obvious that you hate to lose, you never back down too. Even in your eyes, you never break contact, Jump members, Tanaka Koki, Nakai even. You always stare people right in the eye and not give the impression of being intimidated. That was my most favorite thing about you.

I personally do see you in a different light now. You always had that innocent image. Very straight forward but not cutesy fake. I knew all idols were doing "bad" things behind cameras. I knew that but I don't want it to be mentioned. Maybe this is one of those things where "Ignorance is bliss" I only view you as an Idol. I only see you when you are doing your job. I don't want to know percise details of your private life. I don't want to know what you do in your private time because that is going beyond being a fan. I don't want to find out anything that might make me dislike you. I am a fan of the Idol Morimoto Ryutaro. Not a fan of the high schooler Morimoto Ryutaro. I don't want to see your other side. Am I forcing myself to live in this delusion? Maybe. But I enjoy being a fan and that satisfies me the perfect amount. 
We all have different faces we put on to show the world. How we act to our family, to our co-workers, to our friends, to our teachers, to the public, are all different. There are certain faces I show to one person that I won't dare to show to another. I don't want to call it being fake or two faced. Genuine feelings are still there, but we always adapt and establish certain feelings that motivate our personality to best accommodate the given situation.
The tabloid picture is obviously taken privately. You aren't stupid for smoking. It's your choice. But you are stupid for posing for the picture. You are stupid for getting caught and ruining your idol image, your career. You probably trusted that person who kept the picture. Maybe that's your nature. I want to blame you for posing like that and blame that person for betraying you.

 You are stupid. You really are. But you're a teenager so it comes with the package of puberty and it is somewhat justifiable. Teenagers make idiotic mistakes. They don't think. They act irrationally. They think they have seen it all. They think more than 13 years of living, they are mature enough to make their own decisions. I'm not a special snowflake. I am just as stupid as every other teenager. This is the darkest hours of our lives. We are discovering what type of person we want to become. We get judged if we're different, not talented enough, not smart enough. We make these stupid decisions in the illusion that they are right or cool. We make mistakes, get in trouble, learn from it and laugh about it later. It's painful and humiliating to go through but it is absolutely and completely necessary. 
There are so many ways to handle this situation. You can be angry about it. You can beat yourself up about it. You can ignore and not care. Or you can accept it as another contributing experience growing up. We won't become great adults unless we have bad experiences to make us stronger. 
Things are going to change dramatically. Your relationship with Jump, your family, others within Johnny's, and your fans are going to be changed too. They might hate you, they might leave you, they might stay with you or they might become closer to you. Whatever happens, good luck. Please learn from this ordeal and be a great adult. Be a better Morimoto Ryutaro.
I will wait as a fan. I will wait for the day where you can confidently return to the stage as Hey!Say!Jump's Morimoto Ryutaro. If you leave completely, that's okay too. If that is your way of atonement, then please do your best.
But if I may have a say in this, "Good Bye" is becoming too frequent to say. I want to say "See you soon.". I don't want to thank you for all the smiles and laughs you have given. I want to thank you for the smiles and laughs that you will continue to give.
I really don't know what my point is in this messy wall of text. It's just so sudden. I heard about it last night and woke up with it as the first thought in my head. I was busy all day but I was entirely focused on this. 
There has been a trail of really..impacting news with JE. Impacting might be too exaggerating of a word, but just changes that really gives a different, unfamiliar feeling. Daichi, Masashi, Fujima. I personally thought that they all had an important presence in JE. No matter what part was big or small, they were THERE and it was so familiar seeing them all the time. When they left, it feels weird and out of place. It takes alot of time to get use to and ultimately that's the only thing you can do. But I hate it either way. When I get use to a certain routine, I expect it every time because it feels..right. So when they actually leave and throws off that usual routine, it becomes a foreign feeling and makes me just plain uncomfortable. But that is me being selfish. I can voice out whatever the hell pisses me off about JE. The boys can't. They have to swallow their frustration and continue like nothing was ever wrong for the sake of "the show must go on".

Short notice is short.

 I'm going to go to Hollywood in a few hours to see the Cars 2 premiere. More importantly...PERFUME :O!

This is super last minute as I only heard the news just right now and I have been google dates and times. Several blogs and sources never fully stated 6/18 as the red carpet event. Not even Amuse's source -.- Thanks for leaving out the most important detail man.

Twitter and tumblr are getting super last minute notice of Perfume's arrival too.

But I saw on El Capitan Theater's facebook page that it is indeed today with the red carpet event at 6pm. The even decked out the roads for the premiere:


I'm not a gigantic Perfume fan but I won't pass up this oppurtunity! Pictures and report (if they do anything exciting) soon~




I'm feeling patriotic, gonna go eat a hot dog.

Bin Laden getting killed isn't going to completely solve our problems, but it's a little a step in the right direction.

Oh Obama you sexy sexy man, I'd vote for you for a second term.

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  Hihi~ It's been 2 months since my last post. I didn't have any fandom goodies to share so I had pretty much nothing to write about. But now I come bearing Kansai Jr Shounentachi goodies~  look in the post below this :O

I had my spring break 2 weeks ago and I spent the whole time being lazy. I went to my part-time job as usual, I went to the downtown shopping area, caught up on cooking new recipes, made some clothing pieces, went out to go eat with some classmates, and got fat.

Today I had a craving for udon. I didn't want to go to the store in the morning and luckily I had ingredients to make udon noodles already...so I made udon from scratch ^0^.

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shige-dimple smile

Kansai Shounentachi Showtime MP3 rips.

Here are the mp3 rips from the Kansai showtime~

I loved the Kansai showtime wayyyy more than the tokyo showtime. Actually I liked the whole show better than Tokyo's. Tokyo's show was more serious and intense, which was very good but not my cup of tea. But hot sadistic Sanada is my cup of tea ;) and Nabesho looked SOOO handsome under the stage lights, or any light for that matter.

But I like the humorous tone of Kansai's show more.I never noticed how B.A.D, BOYS and Veteran were more of the "wild" high-energy type performers in their showtime. I never paid much attention to the older Kansai Jrs but now I will because they have some very great performers. But Sadly, Daichi of BOYS left Johnny's. All his info was removed earlier this week :(

I never noticed how handsome Ito Masashi is :O He looks just like Fujima Takahiko!I also liked Muro Masaya, Hamanaka Bunichi(GODLY VOICE), Kusumoto Yukito (I'm a sucker for curls) and Ota Hiroaki (Yasui-Hasshi hybrid).

Files are on meadiafire! The quality is very good, just like on the DVD so I'm glad the program didn't skimp on the quality~ Thank you 
[info]talisa_ahn for the DVD rip! Enjoy!

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red vs.blue

1 FOR YOU and you, and you and you too.

MoriShin and Hip Hop jump performed a new song during the 2nd January Shokura! It's called 1 For You. They performed it during the Tozai Countdown special but only part of the song was broadcasted (the violin bridge before Juri's rap).

In this performance there were new additions of Kishimoto Shintaro and Konno Takayuki. Kishi was obviously getting too big for snowpuri and Konno is an overall great performer despite his chibiness (he's older than MoriShin!) I love Konno so much~ he was hilarious in Kabuki and led snowpuri and Team Taiga very nicely during the Snowpuri/ Geisha With Love. He has a very professional and serious face when performing and dare I say, imo, dances better than half of HHJ?

The 2 additions were absent from febuary's shokura. I'm being hopeful and assuming that they were just busy with Takizawa Kakumei (Konno is a regular in butai's). Please don't let him be a one-time stint :/

The performance was very nice. Dancing and choreography was awesome. MoriShin's ad-libs were very nice! Let's hope puberty doesn't screw him over and break his voice. Juri's rap was AMAZING here. The difference from 6 months ago to here is really big. btw, does anyone else notice MoriShin's forming biceps? Acrobatic pratice Sakuma is really paying off.

Anyways, I translated their song into english. The kanji were by hsjryousuke@ameba and romanized lyrics were by todsen (but posted both up~) !

I meant to post this up earlier but I got lazy :/ It doesnt take that long to translate this because it's not like it's a video where I would have to double check and listen over and over. But I really have to emphasis, my laziness stretches beyond the average of a normal person my age haha, but here it is! I tried my best to word it in a way that makes sense in english and still keep the japanese sentence structure.


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He who rejects Kamenashi is my ideal lover.

oh Kouchi Kouchi Kouchi. This Jr Coliseum made me fall in love with him. The harsh lover persona won me over. My heart, I give art thou. I don't care if you step on it and call me an idiot, that would be quite hot actually....

On the Valentine's special of Jr Coliseum it was winning over Kamenashi's heart again, with the return of poncho bearing Kazuko-chan. HSJ trio participated again but were blown away from Jr. participants. Except Hasshi because he can't keep his adorable baka self from exploding with laughter from the embarassment. Like "yeah, I rip off my shirt, dance practicaly nude in Shounentachi but cheesey love lines are a no-go"

Translated the whole thing but only a Kouchi screencap walk-through because he was looking so handsome.

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In additional news: Fuji Ryuusei's sister is damn hot. Oh Karen, you've become my middle school girl crush. Y U MAKE ME GO TO JAIL JAPAN?!  
Not Ryuusei's sister ,my mistake thanks kk16221 ! but I'm going to be watching Kaede closely~ I suspect she'll be a star member of Happiness :D
What is your answer?!


I caught a glimpse of myself on Zoom In. My hair looked good and I am glad I packed on the makeup that day.

Then I saw a later clip of me in an unflattering D: FML I'M SO SHORT GET OFF ME TALL FANGIRLS OUR PREY IS GETTING AWAY AFTER THEM face.


Now going back to raging over the half billion years it takes to get US citizenship. I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU AMERICA, I JUST WANT YOUR PASSPORT BECAUSE NO ONE TRUSTS MY HOMECOUNTRY. That is all.